Welcome to the AHP store.  View beginner, intermediate, and advanced services below.  Purchase buttons are attached to each video series.  For reference, all members must start in the Transmog Market first.  As you progress and become a seasoned auctioneer you'll naturally expand to new markets.  Enjoy.

Beginner Level:  The Transmog Market.  This 15+ video series is a complete guide on how to run the Transmog Market.  Totaling in over 2 hours of footage, it has everything you need to start making major profits in one of the easiest market to master.  It's our beginning wing that ALL members must start in.

Intermediate Level:  The Traders Terrace is an intermediate level course just one step up from the Transmog Market.  Here you'll take the strategies you learned in the Transmog Market and apply them to other market.  There's new groups, new operations, new auctioning tools, and much more gold to be made.  For reference, this course is only available as an upgrade.  You MUST be a Transmog Market member before purchasing the Traders Terrace.

Advanced Level:  The Frontier of Goldmaking is a PDF series for advanced auctioneers.  It contains some of the best goldmaking content offered by the AH Playas course.  Once you mastered the Transmog market this 72 page, 3 issue course will boost your profits and skyrocket your auctioning.  

Wondering what we have to offer?  Come see our homepage for more!  Questions before purchase?  Use the email form on our contact support page.