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The AH Playas is the first to conjure up the most powerful remedy for making significant amounts of gold on the AH. Period.

In HD video, we'll show you how the big boys are making gold. We'll give you a mentor, take you behind the scenes, and teach you the rules for making huge gold on any servers AH.

You'll learn the who, whats, and whys of every goldmaking tactic we use. It's the reason why we're the fastest growing WoW gold course online.

Imagine looking over our shoulders as we teach you how the best auctioneers are making a killing on the AH.. All you have to do is copy what we do. Monkey see. Monkey do. It can't get any easier.

Get a front row seat as we show you how to invest 5,000g and end up with 53,410g.. Just by flipping on the AH. We're leaving no stone unturned.

The strategies you find here cannot be found fully explained on the common fansite. WoWhead YouTube WoWWiki, MMOChamp, & WoWinsider, WILL NOT CONTAIN the in depth goldmaking strategies we have inside.

This course was designed to get you going from 0 to 100 FAST. In less than 30 days we will get you making your first 100,000g or more. If not, the membership is on us!

Imagine buying WoW tokens with your newly earned gold.





As your mentor, let me introduce myself. I'm Steve, voice behind the YouTube channel Stevesgamebox. As a 10 year World of Warcraft veteran I east, sleep, and breathe Warcraft.

Over the years I've made over a million gold on the AH, and now regularly post videos on YouTube and the Ownedcore forums.

In short, I know what works, I also know what doesn't work. In this course, you get all the answers to making gold just like the elite AH guru's who taught me. In general terms, I'm passing down the mega knowledge that made me an AH hero.

The stuff that changed the way I play WoW forever.

I've specifically designed this course to fill the gap on all the goldmaking answers you've been missing. It's the stuff I wish I learned 8 years ago when I was struggling to buy anything in game.

As a WoW goldmaking YouTuber, I have helped thousands of players make big gold by producing professional and fun goldmaking videos. In this series, sponsored by the AH Playas, I'll spill the beans on how the best goldmakers in the world are hitting gold cap. Ive done this nowhere else, and for the first time I'm letting all the secrets out.

"I make it extremely easy"


Every Item You See Here Was Bought At 1/6th of It's Value


Or More .. In 30 Days Or Less..

I was asked by my buddy to fund our main raid teams guild tab so I needed some fast gold. I bought three of the top rated guides on the topic. Luckily I studied this one first -- which made it impossible to get very far reading the others. This is far and away the most well-written, informative, organized and thorough course on just about every aspect of AH flipping. The author speaks with a lot of humor, but also with a lot of information, presented in a step-by-step way that made goldmaking not only do-able, but a lot of fun. They give brilliant advice on everything from which items to buy, to such minor but important details. " Hats off to the AH Playas -- don't waste your time with any other guide -- once you get this one you'll realize the other guides are full of BS.



Insane profit margins is what allows AH flipping to be the most potent goldmaking strategy.

Here's 4 Major Things You'll Learn When You Join Us.

1) What split second tests you can use to see if ANY item is able to be flipped. These are the rules of the AH and are extremely important. Just learning this alone can shave years off your learning curve. It's what players who take the course praise the most. This stuff cannot be learned anywhere else.

2) How a combination of easily obtainable addons can instantly tell you which items are actually worth thousands of gold, and which items aren't even worth buying. Just knowing this trick can skyrocket your goldmaking.

3) How you can make more gold than in one day than the average player can make in 5! The best part is you never have to leave the AH!

4) Which auctions to buy as soon as they pop up as a blip on your radar and why. The WHY is the most important. This is what allows you to confidently flip items without worrying if you got it right. We cover point in depth!

5) Techniques that will allow you to inflate and regulate control of a large portion of the AH.

Warning: (While we don't recommend that you indulge in greed, it's generally NOT against the Terms of Service). We just ask you that have consideration for the players on your server, and to not inflate the AH. Sometimes it does more good to take a hit on your profits.


Here's What Members Are Saying:

I decided that I was going to finally buy the transmog mammoth after wanting it for so many years. Naturally I did my research and found the AH Playas. Look no further, if your on the ropes do not hesitate. Like for me and many others this was my last stop.

200k Spent and over 500k made. I decided to change some things up and take even bigger risks and it's all paying off. I love how the AH Playas has laid it all out. I doubt I could of gotten something so clean cut and dry for any other place.

I got the AH Playas for the sole purpose of making gold on Dragonmaw EU. For any of you who play on dragonmaw you know that server is an absolute wasteland for gold. So when the AH Playas can make gold on bad servers, I was sold. After sitting through the videos and seeing how the course is broken down I was elated that I found this. Yesterday I woke up to 70000g in sold auctions, breaking a new record for me and my guild. Im excited to say that I love the AH Playas. I can't imagine the noob mistakes I would of made had I started goldmaking alone.

At first I did not like how the course was presented in my emails but slowly I got around to buying it. I must say, I am impressed. This is the most insightful, well thought out course on goldmaking by far. Literally nothing I've seen has even come close to the type of intricate details that the AH Playas goes over. Even better the host of the videos is very well spoken and really helps you understand whats going on. This service is without a doubt worth the price. Im still shocked that I waited this long before giving in to curiosity. It's well worth it.

I knew alot about goldmaking before the AH Playas, but now things have just gone to the next level. They've helped me understand alot more than I could have ever learned on my own. This AH stuff is real. Theres no other feedback that I can give. Trust in the AH Playas, by god, no other place could help me get from 5k to 144,000g. And this is just the beginning.

" The AH Playas was a godsend for goldmaking. I can't imagine how WOD and legion would of been had I not known about AH flipping. It's been about 6 months since I started and I've gotten my mount collector title plus started a new guild which run all off the gold I made from the course. I recommend it to everyone who needs more gold. "

This was going to be my last month playing wow since legion started to die down. I was looking for things to do and stumbled upon Steve and the AH Playas. Lo and behold I renewed my account to keep making gold. It's getting addicting. Im now up to 300k.

My experience with this has been so good that I still don't believe Im even following through with the commitment to keep making gold. On the first day I started I netted 20k and the gold kept getting bigger with the amount of time I was scanning the AH. A week in and im addicted to this stuff, I literally can't stop scanning the AH. I only regret that I waited to legion to pull the trigger on the AH Playas. By far the best I've seen on goldmaking so far.

Okay here's the biggest news: Today I bought my second WoW token. I now have 2 accounts that I don't pay for anymore and I'm still a bit excited as I type this. It's insane that you can use the AH to literally pay for your account and TBH it really isn't that fair especially since I have over 400,000g now. The AH Playas is god! Steve for warchief!

At the end of WOD I was excited to see how the AH Playas was gonna switch over to legion. Now not so much. I didn't even have to rewatch all the videos to get TSM working again. Ive made so much gold in the last two weeks that I'm now focusing on leveling up more characters. Something I haven't done in years! It's amazing how much the game changes when you have unlimited gold to do anything you want. The only bad part is I can't transfer servers with this amount of gold. I can only keep 50k so Im stuck with figuring out ways to liquidate gold in the mean time. Real quality problems!




That's What Players Have Done With The AH Playas

Joining Us Is Easy!

As WoW Players ourselves, we know how much it cost to keep your account running.  That's why we've priced this course at a figure that won't cause epic wipes on your bank account.  Getting an AH Playas account costs as little as 15 bucks!  And we're confident you can use the gold you'll make to pay for your own game time.  It's more than a wise investment!


Time is off the essence. With Legion passing by every single day, creating an AH Playas account has become as advantageous as ever. The AH is booming with unheard of profits. When you pay a small fee to join us, you will ascend yourself with the wealth of some of the greatest goldmakers. We're here for one reason. To get you making goldm the potency of our goldmaking strategies cannot be underminded.


Time is off the essence. With Legion passing by every single day, creating an AH Playas account has become as advantageous as ever. The AH is booming with unheard of profits. When you pay a small fee to join us, we will show you how to make 100k, 200k, or even hit gold cap on your server. The potency of our goldmaking strategies cannot be matched.

Make Gold For Any Item You Could Ever Want

All It Takes Is A Quick Lesson On AH Finesse

We’re not guessing anymore. Theres no taking chances. All our AH flipping strategies are based on solid factual data we can get from blizzards API.

You will be using PROVEN methods to make gold. The same methods major AH koisks are using to make gold on your server.

When you follow the rules as we lay them out, it will be hard NOT to make gold.

With the latest AH technology provided by TSM, Auctioneer, and the Undermine Journal, we can actually see in just seconds which items are undervalued on the AH.

Imagine how powerful that is.

This is nothing gamechanging however. It’s been around for YEARS. It’s just that only players who have dedicated years to trial and error have discovered how to use this info to make thousands of gold.

With us it's broken down so just about anyone can understand!

Skip YEARS Of Trial And Error

Stand On The Forefront Of Profitable Goldmaking

Stop Wasting Time Farming

Start Goldmaking With The BEST Strategy Around

JOIN The AH Playas Today!